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ID-10021790 x250Experience and Qualifications

I have a 1st class honours degree in counselling and psychotherapy followed by much addiction training and experience as well as further psychoanalytic training.  I am accredited with both the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the Addiction Counsellors of Ireland. Read more

How I Work

To begin with, I offer confidentiality and a non-judgemental attitude within which I aim to ensure that my clients trust me, feel secure with me and feel understood by me.  Without the safety, which these elements provide, I do not believe very much can happen.  When one feels that their symptoms/thoughts/feelings/behaviours are understood and addressed, not only can much relief be felt, but it is only then that real insight can be gained.  Without insight, very little real and lasting change can take place. See more


I am available for psychotherapy in:

Maynooth, Co Kildare


However, I am also available for Telephone/Online Therapy should you live further afield, work abroad, travel frequently or simply have difficulty accessing any of the above locations. To learn more about Telephone/Online Therapy, click here

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