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ID-1009070 x250I worked very closely with Jenny in the Continuing Care Department of the Rutland Centre for a number of years. She was responsible for following up with clients after leaving the residential programme as well as providing individual psychotherapy to a number of clients. During this time, she proved herself to be a very reliable, capable and compassionate psychotherapist. With a sense of calm, she appropriately and responsibly managed many stressful situations, involving various clients in great distress.

She moved on from The Rutland Centre to work in Private Practice, and I have been happy to refer clients to her care on many occasions since that time.

Austin Prior MACI
BA, Dip Add Cnsl,Adv Dip Supervision
Former Deputy Director of The Rutland Centre, Dublin


I would like to recommend Jenny O Byrne as a therapist / counsellor . We worked closely together previously at The Rutland Centre in Knocklyon. Jenny worked in a demanding working environment and proved to be an extremely caring and capable colleague. I am often asked to recommend a therapist for individual counselling for some very vulnerable individuals. I would be very particular about who I would refer clients to. I would have no difficulty in recommending Jenny O’Byrne.

Gerry Cooney
Addiction Counsellor at The Rutland Centre, Dublin


photo 3 x250I have known Jenny for the last 13 years and have had the pleasure of being her supervisor while she was an undergraduate student and again when she became an accredited psychotherapist.  She is a very kind and intelligent woman and one filled with integrity.  She is naturally hardworking and conscientious and has always shown great understanding and penetrating insight with regard to her clients.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Martin Boyle
M. Phil, M. Sc, S.T.B, dip in Supervision


I am responsible for managing the treatment of clients presenting in the Rutland Centre with food/eating and body image related issues.  Jenny assisted me greatly with these clients during her time in the Centre.  She is a lovely person and always showed great sensitivity, compassion and a deep knowledge and understanding of such issues.  She helped devise healthy eating plans for clients and worked very effectively on an individual basis with a number of clients.

Mary O’Connor
Senior Addiction Counsellor, Rutland Centre


As Clincal Director of the Rutland Centre, I had the opportunity to welcome Jenny O’Byrne into our Internship Programme in Addiction Counselling, which was a full time internship designed to enhance the skills of a professional counsellor who wanted to specialize in the area of addiction. Jenny proved herself quite able to handle the demands of this 12 month commitment. She is smart, strong, knowledgable and well grounded in the theory and proactice of effective addiction counselling, including the all important work with family members.  I believe she would be particularly effective in working with young people damaged either by their own substance misuse or by the addiction of another.
Stephen Rowen
Clincal Director of the Rutland Centre

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